Sabine Memmi Memmert Dia de los Muertos /Day of the Death

Gemälde, Skulpturen, Schmuck... y más, todo hecho a mano ...


Mi nueva película  (Neuer Film, Totentanz) :

Dance of the dead

Mercado de los Muertos :

Por una vida humana



Video 2010

     Mercado de los muertos II (pdf)

Ausstellungseröfnung und Fiesta:

damenundherren e.v Düsseldorf: 2011

Lateinamerikanisches Literaturcafe Wupprtal:2011

Tiger Lily Hamburg:2011

Bang & Olufsen :2010

Linzbach: 2010

heaven 7 : 2008

Statt-Museum: 2007 


Film/ Pelicula 2011:

Totentanz / Dance of the Dead


Ausschnitt aus dem Film Totentanz mit selbstgemachten Skeletten

         Öl auf leinwand




Dia de los Muertos

 Ausstellung 2011 : damenundherren.e.v.

Altar mit Totenköpfen aus Zucker, Catrinas , Frida Kahlo ,Diego Rievera, Skeletten und Papelpicado :


En mi casa :

Ofrenda con calaveras de azucar  ,calacas, esqueletos , la Virgen de Guadalupe,



Jesus Malverde ,


Mariachis ,

Santa Barbara ,


      Angelito , Fidel Castro y Diego Maradona  


Mercado de los Muertos : 

"Death" as a well-known Mexican comic once said "is so terrible that most of
us want to become his friend." Sometimes, however, death is accepted with
a light heart. This happens in Mexico on November 1st, the DAY of the DEAD.
Sabine Memmert tries to convey this special feeling with regard to death
in her exhibition "MERCADO DE LOS MUERTOS". In Mexico remembrance
of the dead is no sad event but a feast day, a fiesta.
Europeans look upon this special relationship to death mostly with

"Death always is with us, he takes part in our fiestas, our gambling, in our
love life and in our thinking. For a Parisian, New Yorker or Londoner "DEATH"
is a word carefully to be avoided since it burns our lips. The Mexican,
instead, looks out for him, fools him, celebrates him, sleeps with him.
He is his favourite toy and his faithful lover". (Octavio Paz)

"Death is sweet" the saying goes and this is mirrored in the morbid
forms of the sweets which are offered in Mexico on this special day.

Aside from the typical fiesta market atmosphere created by pictures,
sculpturing and jewelry the exhibition "MERCADO DE LOS MUERTOS"
takes up political topics in video installations and skeleton arrangements

- all included in the special mixture of cheerfulness, melancholy, irony,
sadness, "deathly seriousness" and "deathly joy of living".
"No, no hay que llorar que la vida es un carnaval" (Celia Cruz)